Great article Benjamin, one of the best things I’ve read on Medium for a while. Coming from writing a book, to then blogging, I started my blog writing in the manner you suggest here. Sadly, I got no love and noticed that a lot of popular (although I couldn’t figure out why coz they were dull) articles used the ‘formula’ so I thought to myself, this must be the way to do it. However, after reading this I’m gonna go back to how I used to do them and follow your advice.

There’s a lot of BS advice on the internet. A lot of so called experts will tell you to write a blog post along the lines of the formula you’ve outlined. But you’re right, it’s dull. However, I have noticed that a lot of posts using this formula are popular, getting thousands of shares, comments and traffic.

I see articles all the time on medium like this with thousands of claps or likes and a personal development site called Pick The Brain, who I occasionally write guest posts for, is full of them. So what do you do? I may as well write blog posts I’m happy with so I’m going to embrace your advice.

Author of ‘Escape the System’ and ‘Do The Work you Love’. Break the rules to get the life you want!

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