3 Enjoyable Ways (that I’ve used) to Make Money and Support your Dream

Option Number 1: Network Marketing

Option Number 2: Freelancing

  1. I had to enjoy the work I was doing.
  2. It had to pay relatively well per hour (I get, on average, £40 per hour for my tennis coaching work and £70 for the hypnotherapy. This is important because I need enough money so that I don’t have to work full time hours and can, therefore, make time for my writing and speaking businesses).
  3. The training required to become qualified, and start charging for my time, couldn’t be too long (tennis coaching was just over six months and, to become a hypnotherapist, was just under a year).

Option Number 3: Matched Betting




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Joe Barnes

Joe Barnes


Author of ‘Escape the System’ and ‘Do The Work you Love’. Break the rules to get the life you want! https://escapethesystemnow.com/